Monetary Donations

We continue to operator with the support of our community!


General Donation

This donation can go towards well, anything!

Spay & Neuter Fund

These donations go into a specific fund to help cover the expense of the spaying & neutering of the animals in our care.

Heartworm Preventative

These donations help to provide heartworm medication to the dogs in our care.

Operating Expenses

These donations go towards overhead expenses, literally.

Special Needs Fund

These donations go to an account with each of the local vet clinics to cover urgent medical care for illness or injuries.

In-Kind Donations

Set your charity to DeKalb Humane Society Inc – Butler IN.

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Set your Community Rewards to DeKalb Humane Society (NPO 28705) under the ‘My Account’ section and go Krogering!

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We are always in need of supplies to keep our animals fed and clean:

Scoopable Cat Litter

Purina Kitten or Cat Chow

Diamond Naturals Dry Dog or Cat Food


Dish Soap

Canned Cat or Dog Food

Liquid Hand Soap & Sanitizer

Paper Towels

Postage Stamps

Trash Bags – 13, 30 & 55 gallon